Jogging Strollers Can Have Many Benefits For Your Kids

top jogging stroller benefits

As parents, it is important that we stay as healthy as we can so that we are there for the important moments in our children’s lives. It is not only important that we eat right, but we must also stay active and exercise on a regular basis. For runners, in particular, having a jogging stroller presents several advantages that can benefit the entire family. Yes, they can be a bit pricey, but what they can offer your family is worth every dollar.

Different Types of Strollers

Before you go out looking for the top jogging stroller, it can be beneficial to know the differences between the various types of strollers available and which one you would get the most out of. This way you will not be wasting your money on something that you do not need or get a stroller with features that you will never use.

Regular Strollers

This is the most common type of stroller that just about every Mom is familiar with. They usually have wheels on all four bottom corners with the front two that swivel. These are relatively inexpensive everyday strollers that have the same basic features.

Lightweight design – Since they are built for smooth surfaces and used at a leisurely pace they do not have to be built with heavy duty materials. They are easy to move in and out of the car and when not in use, they are easy to store.

Small wheels – This also cuts down on the weight as small rubber one piece wheels are all that are needed to walk around the mall or to circle the neighborhood on the sidewalk.

Infant Seat Compatibility – Another advantage of regular strollers is that more of them are designed to be compatible with a larger number of infant car seats. This adds to their ease of use and makes things super convenient for both parents and kids. The car seat can simply snap into the stroller without having to move your child back and forth.

Standard baby strollers are made to be used to wheel your kids around for things like shopping, are a slow walk in the park. They are not designed to withstand a lot of punishment or to be used at blazing speeds.

Running Strollers

Whenever you are going at a faster pace your stroller needs to be able to provide a safe and comfortable experience for both passenger and runner. The construction needs to be stronger and the performance level needs to be raised. These types of strollers come with a different set of features.

Bigger Wheels – Much like a bicycle, the wheels on a jogging stroller are air filled to provide extra traction and cushion. They can handle rougher terrain and keep their grip when you are running at a higher speed. This adds to both comfort as well as safety. There is usually three wheels instead of four and the front wheel can swivel as well as be locked in place.

Suspension – Most of the higher quality models come with some sort of shock absorbing suspension. This further shields your child from the harsh effects of uneven pavement or hiking trails. It provides an extra level of cushion for bumpy terrain.

Safety Features – Options like a handbrake or wrist tether also help Mom or Dad stay in control of the jogger and make sure it does not get away from them. An incidental slip or fall by the runner can send the stroller off on its own, but these features can prevent that from happening.

Heavier – Jogging strollers are built to withstand more punishment with sturdier materials. Bigger wheels and the added features all contribute to make these weigh a lot more than a standard stroller. This is something to take into consideration.

Family Activity

There are a lot of things that make getting a running stroller an attractive option for some parents.

Skip The Babysitter – The ability to go out for a run without having to get someone to watch the kids is a huge advantage that most owners of running strollers love. You do not have to schedule your runs around another person’s calendar or availability.

Kids Have Fun – Children really do love the experience of riding fast. Jogging strollers are generally something that the little ones look forward to.

Parental Example – Kids learn a lot from their parents and they pick up both their good and bad habits. Children with active parents may be more likely to be active themselves when they are older. They associate the good time they have riding in their jogger with Mom and Dad running and enjoying it with them. These healthy habits are something that they can take with them and apply to their own lives as adults. Having an active child can also help their brain function as well as keep them physically fit.

Getting Out of the house – It is a nice feeling as a parent to get your kids out of the house and give them an outdoor experience. Rather than being cooped up all day long indoors, a little fresh air can do wonders for them. Using a running stroller is a fantastic activity for the family that can have positive physical and mental health benefits for everyone.

Jogging strollers are definitely worth the extra cost. If you are looking for a way to get back into shape and want a quick and convenient method to involve your family than buying one of these makes a lot of sense. A family that exercises together is a happier family. Studying up and reading the newest jogging stroller reviews for 2019 will give you a nice head start. This is a smart place to find something within your budget that also performs well.