Benefits of Switching to Organic Fruits and Vegetables

food-standOrganic food is now becoming very popular to a lot of consumers. In fact, research shows that more than four out of ten individuals are now choosing to go organic. While chances are that nothing bad is going to happen to you if you eat what is sold in big chain supermarkets, they are still super nutritious, there are certain advantages to shopping for strictly organically grown produce.  The top reasons why consumers now want to buy organic vegetables and fruits include:

Pesticides and Herbicides

Eating organic foods will mean that you will not be able to consume the regular load of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides that are found in non-organic farming. In most countries, there is a total of 3,800 brands of herbicide, insecticide and fungicide that are being used by farmers. Foods and vegetables are often sprayed up to ten times before they reach the supermarket shelves. A study made by toxicologists proved that the combination of the different chemicals can be greatly dangerous to one’s health.  Food safety is always a concern and reducing the number of toxic chemicals that come in contact with your food is always going to be a bonus.

Boost Vitamin and Mineral Intake

Eating a minimum of five pieces of fruits and vegetables can make a person healthy. However, experts claim that switching to organic vegetables and fruits can increase one’s intake of minerals and vitamins by 30 percent. The Soil Association, United Kingdom’s biggest organic association, stated that an organic food can increase the level of vitamin C by 27 percent. Minerals such as magnesium, iron and phosphorus can also be increased by 29 percent by organic foods.

Better Start for Your Children

The very sensitive immune system of children should not be exposed to chemicals and additives that are present in non-organic foods. Lizzie Vann, a famous nutritionist, said that artificial flavorings in non-organic foods should not be taken by children instead children should eat organic foods because they need the highest quality of nutrients for them to grow properly. In addition, the chemicals found in non-organic foods can trigger allergies, hyperactivity and other health conditions that are harmful for children.


Organic foods that you can buy are always fresh because they do not have preservatives and they are more than likely grown locally. If you buy a non-organic food, you will not know if its fresh or not. Organic foods in a supermarket are often produced by the small farms near it.

Organic Produce Is GMO-free

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods pertain to plants whose DNA has been modified in order. Organic foods are GMO-free since farmers use the traditional way of growing plants. You might be surprised by which foods may or may not be genetically modified.

Tastes Great

Because organic foods do not have preservatives, you can expect to have its true taste. The taste of an organic food is much better than a non-organic food. Taste tests showed that organic apples are sweeter than non-organic apples and organic carrots taste better than non-organic carrots. This is the reason why many restaurants are now offering dishes that have organic foods.

Improve Your Diet

Organic vegetables and fruits are proven to be very effective for persons who want to lessen their weight. The higher level of compounds that organic foods have will help in quickly burning your body fat.

Indeed, having organic vegetable and fruits on your table will surely help in making your life longer. There are a lot more reasons to go organic because the benefits of organic farming do not only help you but the environment as well. So go organic now and be amazed by how much it can help you!