Jogging Strollers Can Have Many Benefits For Your Kids

top jogging stroller benefits

As parents, it is important that we stay as healthy as we can so that we are there for the important moments in our children’s lives. It is not only important that we eat right, but we must also stay active and exercise on a regular basis. For runners, in particular, having a jogging stroller presents several advantages that can benefit the entire family. Yes, they can be a bit pricey, but what they can offer your family is worth every dollar.

Different Types of Strollers

Before you go out looking for the top jogging stroller, it can be beneficial to know the differences between the various types of strollers available and which one you would get the most out of. This way you will not be wasting your money on something that you do not need or get a stroller with features that you will never use.

Regular Strollers

This is the most common type of stroller that just about every Mom is familiar with. They usually have wheels on all four bottom corners with the front two that swivel. These are relatively inexpensive everyday strollers that have the same basic features.

Lightweight design – Since they are built for smooth surfaces and used at a leisurely pace they do not have to be built with heavy duty materials. They are easy to move in and out of the car and when not in use, they are easy to store.

Small wheels – This also cuts down on the weight as small rubber one piece wheels are all that are needed to walk around the mall or to circle the neighborhood on the sidewalk.

Infant Seat Compatibility – Another advantage of regular strollers is that more of them are designed to be compatible with a larger number of infant car seats. This adds to their ease of use and makes things super convenient for both parents and kids. The car seat can simply snap into the stroller without having to move your child back and forth.

Standard baby strollers are made to be used to wheel your kids around for things like shopping, are a slow walk in the park. They are not designed to withstand a lot of punishment or to be used at blazing speeds.

Running Strollers

Whenever you are going at a faster pace your stroller needs to be able to provide a safe and comfortable experience for both passenger and runner. The construction needs to be stronger and the performance level needs to be raised. These types of strollers come with a different set of features.

Bigger Wheels – Much like a bicycle, the wheels on a jogging stroller are air filled to provide extra traction and cushion. They can handle rougher terrain and keep their grip when you are running at a higher speed. This adds to both comfort as well as safety. There is usually three wheels instead of four and the front wheel can swivel as well as be locked in place.

Suspension – Most of the higher quality models come with some sort of shock absorbing suspension. This further shields your child from the harsh effects of uneven pavement or hiking trails. It provides an extra level of cushion for bumpy terrain.

Safety Features – Options like a handbrake or wrist tether also help Mom or Dad stay in control of the jogger and make sure it does not get away from them. An incidental slip or fall by the runner can send the stroller off on its own, but these features can prevent that from happening.

Heavier – Jogging strollers are built to withstand more punishment with sturdier materials. Bigger wheels and the added features all contribute to make these weigh a lot more than a standard stroller. This is something to take into consideration.

Family Activity

There are a lot of things that make getting a running stroller an attractive option for some parents.

Skip The Babysitter – The ability to go out for a run without having to get someone to watch the kids is a huge advantage that most owners of running strollers love. You do not have to schedule your runs around another person’s calendar or availability.

Kids Have Fun – Children really do love the experience of riding fast. Jogging strollers are generally something that the little ones look forward to.

Parental Example – Kids learn a lot from their parents and they pick up both their good and bad habits. Children with active parents may be more likely to be active themselves when they are older. They associate the good time they have riding in their jogger with Mom and Dad running and enjoying it with them. These healthy habits are something that they can take with them and apply to their own lives as adults. Having an active child can also help their brain function as well as keep them physically fit.

Getting Out of the house – It is a nice feeling as a parent to get your kids out of the house and give them an outdoor experience. Rather than being cooped up all day long indoors, a little fresh air can do wonders for them. Using a running stroller is a fantastic activity for the family that can have positive physical and mental health benefits for everyone.

Jogging strollers are definitely worth the extra cost. If you are looking for a way to get back into shape and want a quick and convenient method to involve your family than buying one of these makes a lot of sense. A family that exercises together is a happier family.

How Toxic Is Your Child’s Car Seat?

car-seat-hazardsWe all know that child car seats are designed to protect and shield our little ones from the dangers and hazards of driving on the road, but what about the dangers of the chemicals used to make them. By law, all safety seats in the US are required to be made with fire retardant materials, but the toxicity of some of the chemicals that manufacturers use to achieve this can be alarming. A recent study found that nearly three quarters of the child seats being sold today contain some form of potentially hazardous flame retardant chemicals. This may mean that while your child may be safe from the forces of a crash, you may be unknowingly exposing them to something that may pose a health risk down the line.

This may be shocking to hear at first, because we all try to do the best for our children to protect them and keep them healthy, but all is not lost. There are some child seat makers that have recognized that the use of these types of chemicals in their seats is not the best practice and their are some models that are safer than others in this regards. We found a few options for parents that may be concerned about this issue and want a safer alternative for their children to ride in on a daily basis.

Car Seats With The Least Exposure

Below are just some of the manufacturers that have taken steps to reduce or eliminate the use of the more harmful flame retardant chemicals in their seats.


Surprisingly, the Britax seats that were test were proven to be some of the safer options on the market. They contained the lowest level of chemicals and offered the lowest level of risk to children. This is surprising because they are also one of the biggest and most popular brands out there with some of the best rated convertible car seats that you can buy. Since their car seats are so readily available online, this gives parents a good option at more budget friendly price points. Of the child seats that test best, Britax makes the most affordable models so you will not have to break the bank to find a lower toxic seat.

Three of Britax’s car seats were test, 2 booster seats and 1 convertible safety seat, and they scored the best with the lowest amount of exposure risk according to the study.

Clek Foonf Convertible Seat

Not only is this a safe seat as far as crash protection, but it also scored better than the other seats test, other than Britax. The one downside about this Clek seat is that it is rather expensive. For anyone on a tight budget this will probably not be an option as they typically run north of $400. However, if you can afford its price tag then the Foonf is definitely worth the price. It is generally highly rated by owners.

Main Areas of Concern

The two main areas of a car seat that get treated with chemicals is the seat cover and the underling foam. Some seats may not treat their covers with flame retardants but their foam may contain them. Of the 15 seats that were tested, the Britax and Clek scored the best and if you are truly concerned about exposing your child to the potential dangers of these chemicals then they are probably going to your best options at this time. None of the seats were completely chemical free, but these two had the lowest amounts and represent the safest choices currently available. Graco, Baby Trend, and Orbit scored the worst. Orbit has actually gotten some bad press from this study as one of its main selling points was how safe it was in this area.

Hopefully as more parents become aware of this issue, the more attention car seat manufacturers will pay to the chemicals they use. It is a major selling point and we don’t see why this should not become a trend, especially for price that some of the current seats on the market go for. If you currently have a car seat and are concerned about this hazard then one alternative is to replace the cover with something organic and chemical-free. This will be a less expensive method than buying a whole new seat that help reduce your child’s exposure.



Which Juicers Are Best For Organic Juicing?

juicer ratings and reviewsWhenever we getting into conversations with people eager to learn more about juicing, this is the most common question that we get. There are countless great ideas about different recipes that you can use with one of these machines, but for those who do not have one and are thinking about joining the ever growing number of health conscious individuals who have gotten into juicing, getting a top juicer is a crucial step. But with some many wonderful choices and different types of juicers available it is hard to know which juicer is going to be best for you.

Below are just a few ways that you can narrow down your choice to find a juicing machine that you will enjoy using on a daily basis. What’s the point of having a juicer, or any kitchen appliance, if it is just going to sit in the back of the cabinet collecting dust? So finding something that you like to use everyday should be the primary goal.

Centrifugal Juicer or Masticating Juicer

When shopping for a new juicer, this is one of the first things that you will surely come across. There are two main types of juicers and each as their positives and negatives. So first we should determine which of these will best suit our needs.

Centrifugal juicers are generally exceptionally fast at juicing. They chop and spin whatever is dropped into the machine at a very high rate of speed. These juicers are great with hard vegetables and fruits like carrots, apples and cucumbers. So if you envision juicing these types of foods regularly then this type of juicer is for you. Keep in mind that centrifugal juicers are also very loud.

Masticating juicers on the other hand are a little bit slower in how they juice produce. The slower method also means they are a lot quieter to operate. These types of machines are wonderful for cabbage, kale, lettuce, spinach, wheatgrass and other leafy organic vegetables. If you want to juice a lot of these kinds of foods then you will be better off with this type of machine.

Clean up is also another important factor to consider, and today’s high quality models of both types of these juicers should be rather easy to clean. Neither has any distinct advantage in this area.

Reading Online Juicer Reviews

There are two brands that we particularly like when it comes to juicers. For centrifugal juicers, you just can’t go wrong with a Breville juicer. They are extremely well made and customer ratings for these juicers are impressively high. If you decide that a masticating juicer would best fit your needs, then getting an Omega juicer is something that we recommend. We use these machines and love them. You can read more on the different Omega juice extracting machines at The Omega NC800 HDS is one of their newest masticating juicers that has raised the bar to another level as far as juice extraction and convenience.

I always find that sorting through various customer reviews from actual customers is always a tremendous help. I want to hear how those who have the product in their home like or dislike it. If you search through different online stores you will soon discover that juicers being sold today are very high quality and you have will have several great options to choose from.

How Much Should I Spend on a Juicer?

Of course, this is always a chief concern for most of us that are looking to buy something. Don’t skimp when it comes to getting a juicer because cheap ones usually are a disappointment. Get yourself a good juicer if you can. Top rated juicers are going to run you somewhere between $100 – $300 and if you can afford it then I would stay somewhere in that price range. Juicers below $100 are typically not worth the hassle, and juicers above $300 usually don’t offer anything significantly better to justify spending more in our opinion.

So shop around online and you should have no problem finding a good deal on a machine that is easy to use, and can provide you years of juicing goodness. It is never too late to get healthy and eat and drink better. Changing your diet can be simple with the help of great tools in the kitchen. This is why we are so zealous in our love for juicing and how it can truly have a positive impact on how you look and feel. While there is some debate on whether juicing organic fruits and vegetables is the only way to go, the benefits of having one of these machines in your kitchen is well documented. So get juicing and don’t look back.

If you want to see the Omega juicer that we use in our kitchen check out the video below. This is not our vid, but it is a great demonstration on what this model can do. We love using it.

Organic Cooking With The Best Little Toaster Oven

Organic cooking with a toaster oven

The Breville BOV450XL is a slightly smaller version of the popular and larger BOV800XL.  It is durable, powerful, and compact and it is the perfect small countertop oven for preparing your organic meals. The machine will handle any food from pork chops to pizza to baked potatoes to toast. It is ideal for a small family or a single person. Housed in stainless steel cover with a simple interface and sleek design, the Breville BOV450XL will look amazing in any kitchen. So If you have a limited counter top space, you will definitely love the small overall footprint of this oven.

Consumer reviews of this model make it one of the top rated small kitchen ovens for 2016. The toaster oven experts over at have this ranked as one of the best counterop ovens that you can buy. This little powerhouse has a lot of things going for it and any amateur chef is sure to make use of everything that this “Smart Oven” has to offer. So get your favorite organic recipes ready to take the BOV450XL for a spin.


The Breville BOV450XL is one of the smallest ovens available. Just like most smart ovens, this appliance features Element IQ. The technology distributes heat in such a way that it creates more efficient and even cooking each time. Since it is a compact toaster, you will have to give up some cooking abilities for additional counter top space. You will be able to prepare an 11 inch pizza or 4 pieces of toast. And even though it is small in size, it packs the same power as the larger Breville smart oven.

Consumer Friendly Design

The counter top appliance is designed to be easy to use for the user. Its crumb tray is pulled from the front and not from the back, which means it is also easy to clean. The interior also has a non stick coating which allows users to easily clean splatters and spills. Its 8 different preset options also make preparing your favorite meal easier.

Compact Design

If you are looking for an oven that does not take a lot of the counter top space, then the Breville BOV450XL is a great option. And not only is it the smallest option available currently, it also offers a lot of handy functions within the small space, packing the same specs as other large Breville options.

“A Little Bit More”

This oven also has “A little bit more” button which makes it possible for you to finish cooking your meals properly. You only need to push the button and it will add some time depending on the type of food you are cooking. This Is ideal for users in higher elevations where things takes a little bit more time to get done.

Defrosts or Cooks Frozen Foods

This unit gives users the option of either cooking certain foods evenly or quickly defrosting foods from a frozen state. For instance, you can toast bagels and bread right from your freezer. So if you are looking for something compact to prepare small foods and make bagels or toast, this is the best machine you will find in the market. Most users give it positive reviews for the many cooking functions, its small size that takes less counter space and requires less time to preheat.

Other specs:

BOV450XL toaster oven review-Has a tempered glass door
-Can hold 11 inch pizza or 4 slices of bread
-Four quartz 1800 watt power with element IQ software
-Has 8 different pre-set handy cooking functions
-Made of stainless steel housing and a non-stick interior
3-rack positions, auto shut off, pull-out crumb tray
-Dimensions-15.5 by 8.8 inches and 15lbs


One of the good things about Breville is that all their products come with high quality accessories and parts. With this mini smart oven, you will get a wire rack, a removable crumb tray and a 10 inch by 10 inch enamel baking pan. But it does not come with a broiler rack so if you need one, you will have to consider a larger option.


-Prepares great toast
-The Element IQ helps distribute heat evenly when cooking
-Has quartz heating features for more heating
-A front access crumb tray which makes it easy for a user to clean it
-Automatic shut off
-Easy to read back lit LCD screen and a user friendly interface
-a “little bit more” button for cooking foods for a little bit longer


-A loud sound alert system
-Does not have an automatic slide out rack.

Final Thoughts

The BOV450XL countertop oven is a well designed oven and worthy of the highly reputable Breville name. It is small and compact which is ideal for users who don’t want a machine that takes a lot of space. Its stainless steel coating also gives it a nice and sleek look to stand out in any kitchen.